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. : Bayerischer Wald
Group Members:
: Bergthóra Hallbjörnsdóttir
: Damaris Ziegeler
: Sólveig Ólafsdóttir
: Martin Dehling
. : Bayerischer Wald: report
National Park Bayerischer Wald

The park is very well organised for tourism. We recommend that people who are intrested in nature and animals to go there.
We came in a bus and we walked to the information center there we watched a film about the park and there we got a tour of the place. We saw a lot of cool things there for exsample an 5000 year old tree. Then we had about three hours to walk around the park. Almost all of us walkt the "animalring". The Animalring has a lots of animals. F.x. bears, owls, wolfes, wildcats and bisons.
It was fun to see all those animals because we, the icelandic people, don´t have a lot of those animals in Iceland. We met by the bus at three o´clock and then we went home.
This was a good trip, we thought.

Bergthora, Sólveig, Damaris and Martin

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