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Group Members:
: Bergpóra Hallbjörnsdóttir
: Damaris Ziegeler
: Sólveig Ólafsdóttir
: Martin Dehling
. : Interesting places for young people to visit
Reykjavik for young people

The biggest shopping center in Iceland

In this big shopping mall you can find about 170 shops, restaurants and services in 36,000 square meters. There are sophisticated fashion shops selling the latest designs, hip boutiques, international brand name shops, jeweler shops, music stores, a liquor store, nutrition centers, book stores, crystal ware shops, souvenir shops and an art gallery.
And there's more: a newly designed food court contains everything from fast-food chains and an internet café to brasserie dining and Reykjavik's Hard Rock Café is located in Kringlan. Entertainment and cultural tastes are catered to thanks to Kringlan's modern, multi-screen cinema and the City Theatre, which is only a short covered walk from the cinema. Also located in Kringlan are banks offering foreign currency exchange, a travel agency, an airline sales office, doctors' offices and pharmacies.
Kringlan has a good mix of international brands and the country's leading retailers that are mostly family companies. The anchor stores in Kringlan are Hagkaup, the leading grocery and department store in Iceland, and Útilíf, a premiere lifestyle and sporting goods store.
Store owners import from around the world, with emphasis on goods from France, Germany, Britain, the Netherlands, Scandinavia, U.S.A. and Italy. Prices on quality labels are quite reasonable. In fact foreign tourists regularly visit Kringlan looking for bargains.
Every young person, especially every girl should have visited this big shopping mall.

Eat a Hotdog and visit a club

If you want to spend a nice party night with your friends then you should go to Reykjavik. The capital of Iceland is the party place number one in the cold north of Europe. The parties in Iceland start really late and the clubs open late, too. That is why most Icelanders have a little party before the big party starts. A good possibility to start a long party night is going to a nice little Hot dog shop. Sit down there and taste a real Icelandic Hot dog. If you want it even more Icelandic then try a lamb dog, which is served with special sweet mustard and frizzled onions. The Hot dogs are cheap, only about 300 crowns, in contrast to the really expensive drinks you, perhaps, will have later in the evening.
If you can say about yourself that you are a trendy and sophisticated person then you should go to the Astro café. There is the atmosphere rather like at a real party place than in a nightclub.
If you are older than 22 years you can gain access to the Kaffi Barinn. This lively bar is one of the loudest, most popular, and densely visited places on a Friday or Saturday night. There the DJ's are spinning hip-hop, Latin and house on weekend nights and the dance floor is burning.
The third place I want to present is Bennslan. If you are not satisfied with the beer selection elsewhere, than this is the place for you. Brennslan has one of the largest beer menu's in the city. But this bar attracts mainly a younger and more relaxed crowd.
But you can not only have party in Reykjavik. We spend a really nice evening with our new Icelandic friends at a party, with live music in the countryside.

The pearl of Reykjavik

Oskjuhlid is rightly called a natural pearl. More than 176,000 trees have been planted on the hillside, resulting in a woodland setting rare for the city and appreciated by natives and visitors alike. The cycling and walking paths offer pleasant moments and are much frequented-but one can always find peaceful glades where it is easy to forget the bustle of city life.
Ideas for a grand structure at Oskjuhlid date from 1930 when master artist Johannes Kjarval had dreams for the site: The sides of the temple should be covered with mirrors, So the northern lights can approach the feet of men - the roof should be decorated with crystal of every color and floodlights should be in the eaves to illuminate the whole area. It should answer to the light of day and the symbols of the night. It would be difficult to find a better description for The Pearl, which was only completed some 60 years later.
The Pearl is a magnificent structure. Formally opened to the public on 21 June 1991, it combines utility and vision. Hollow steel framing supports the glass dome and walls that link six aluminum-sided tanks, each of which can contain 4 million litres of water averaging 85°C. As part of The Pearl's heating system, hot water is pumped through the metal framework in winter, while cold water flows during summer, thereby producing a comfortable year-round environment. The Viewing Deck on Level 4 takes full advantage of the panorama enjoyed from Oskjuhlid; telescopes mounted at each of the six corners of the deck with recorded descriptions in Icelandic, English, Norwegian, German and French.

Technical Information
The height of the building is 25.7 meters. The volume is 20,000 cubic meter. Total floor space is 3,700 square meters. Total floor space of the Winter Garden is 1,000 square meters. There are 1,176 window panes. 58 floodlights illuminate the exterior. 105 pole lights illuminate the grounds. Fluorescent lights light up the Viewing Deck. 1,900 lights illuminate the interior. 942 bulbs create the "star heaven" inside the dome. 12 km of electric cable and 37 km of sound system cable run through the building.

We visited the Pearl and went up to the roof. It was a windy day and cold, but we had such a beautiful view over Reykjavik that weather was not important. We could see the city, the sea and the biggest church of Iceland. But this view can even be much better when you look through the telescopes which are there on every corner. Inside the building we saw water coming out of the ground and spreading up to the roof. Be careful that you do not become wet if you visit Perlan. If you are hungry you can have dinner in the restaurant which is turning around. When you are sitting there for one hour you have seen the whole city Reykjavik without walking around. But the greatest things for me to see were the palms because Iceland is cold and when I saw these plants I suddenly felt warm. In the end I can only say that when you come to Reykjavik, visiting the Peal is one thing you should not miss.

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