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Group Members:
: Karen Nótt Halldórsdóttir
: Anna Lang
: Tinna Rós Vilhjálmsdóttir
: Laura Gunesch
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Dear customers,
Iceland - a country of opposites. There are glaciers that suddenly spit fire. You can find areas covered with nothing but stones and sand. But when you have a closer look you can explore the wildlife in the seemingly dead area. And when the sun is shining over the landscape everything is of an unique green, that could be found only in Iceland. To enjoy this beauty of the countryside we have collected different kinds of activities for everyone who wants to have really exciting holidays.
We will invite you to have a closer look and hope you can find something for your special and individual interests.

Gunnhildur Đorkelsdóttir
Chairwoman of ACTIVE ICELAND

This is the "classic way" of getting to know Iceland´s countryside, either cross-country with map and compass, or on one of the marked routes. For longer tours you need to be fit and well equipped. You have to know that the weather can change every 5 minutes, so you will have to take clothes for every weather situation even if you are just going for a short walk. Very good areas for trekking are, i.e. around the Golden Circle, Reykjanes, Landmannalaugar and Mt. Hekla. The Golden Circle includes two of the main sights of Iceland, Geysir and Gullfoss. It is possible to spend the whole stay in Iceland in this way, on such tours as 17-day organized treks. For more information about long tours just contact us.

Sea Angling
For deep-sea anglers there are highly interesting tours organized from various places in Iceland. Iceland's rich fishing grounds are usually only a few minutes cruise from the harbors. The boats are specially equipped for deep-sea-angling. Rods and tackle are supplied, and the fish you catch is yours. The catch mainly consists of cod, haddock, and halibut. arrangements can be made upon request to have your catch prepared for lunch or dinner at selected restaurant (except Fridays or Saturdays).

A whale watching trip to Iceland is an adventure worth having. Seeing whales and dolphins up close in the wild is a breathtaking experience. The Icelandic Dolphin and Whalespotting boat trips are famous all over the world for their adventures and excitement. Sailing from the harbour of Keflavik, the course is taken out to sea and the excitement grows as passengers and crew look out for whales blowing or lifting their gigantic flukes out of the water. Whales and dolphins often come up very close to the boat, peering at it with interest or playing around it, and the larger specimens have a way of making us humans feel very small in comparison! The boat trip takes approximately three hours, and Active Iceland is happy to pick you up at your individual accommodation.

River rafting in the swirling waters of glacier rivers is a challenge. Rafting trips can be organized on Hvitá, Austuri Jökulsá, Vestan Jökulsa, Hjaltadalsá and Blanda. The trips go through majestic canyons. Cliff jumping is also possible. There are difficulty levels from 1-4. 1 is for the whole family and number 4 has an age limit of 18 plus. All necessary outfits are provided: dry-suits, helmets, life jackets, socks and shoes.

Glacier tours
Snowmobliling on glaciers is a once-in-a-lifetime experience which is becoming an increasingly popular sightseeing attraction. Travellers may even choose between being passengers or driver. Snowcat tours are also available. Vatnajökull, the largest glacier in Europe, is the country´s main snowmobiling attraction, offering the greatest choice of routes and sights. Höfn in the southeast, Mýrdalsjskull in the south and Langjökull near the western interior also offer great trips. Glacier touring involves a certain amount of risk thus travellers are encouraged to follow the instruction of their guides in every detail.

Bird Watching
Iceland has sometimes been called a bird watcher´s paradise. Large colonies and breeding grounds are found in various places throughout the country. Over 70 bird species breeding annually in Iceland. It is a major north/south and east/west stopping ground for migrating bird species. Spring and autumn are the best time of year to enjoy bird watching in Iceland. There are 72 which nest regularly, 6 are common passage migrants, about 30 are regular rift migrants or winter visitors, and the rest wind up in Iceland by chance. Sea birds, waterfowl, and waders are the most common indigenous birds. Látrabjarg in the West Fjords is the largest birdcliff known in the world. A great variety of cliff-nesting species can be found there, including the largest razorbill colony in the world. The Westman Islands are known for many kinds of seabirds, and are home to Iceland's largest puffin population. Lake Mývatn in the north has more species of breeding ducks than any other place in Europe. The great skua colony on the sands in south Iceland is the largest in the world. Seabirds such as puffins can be seen in many places, as well as eiders, Arctic terns, waders and passerine birds.

Scuba diving
Make your visit to the land of ice and fire a visit to remember by embarking on a dive tour.
We can arrange the tour you desire to watch the fascinating under water world around Iceland. We can take you boat diving, night diving, drift diving or cave diving. For example David`s ravine is a site in the lake of Thingvellir. The ravine can be entered from the shore. After entering the ravine we follow it out into the lake. The visibility in David`s ravine is variable depending on the weather.

Horseback riding
A great way to sample traditional Icelandic life and enjoy Icelandic horses! Icelandic horses are sturdy, even-tempered creatures, and in addition to the usual walk, trot, and canter, can move smoothly across rough ground using the gliding tölt gait.
There are different tours for example staying on the same farm or hotel ride out everyday. Or riding with a herd, what a lot of riders feel that the most interesting aspect of touring in Iceland. When farmers go riding in the summer to train the horses, and to get them ready for the work of the roundups in the fall, they always drive a good sized herd of remounts along. On a long day of riding that might cover 30 miles or so they would each ride three or four horses. Not all of the modern day tours that are available do this, but if it's something you want to try we can steer you to those tours that do ride with a loose herd. It is an experience that will stick in your memory.

Dog sledding
Dog sledding is fun, is gaining popularity and is a real treat for anyone with adventure in their blood. Dog sledding does not create any air or noise pollution, and the silence is a true gift, and quite a unique experience - a life enhancing moment to treasure for a long time. Dog sledding tours provide a unique opportunity to mix an adventure and sightseeing experience into one. It's time to discover the picturesque beauty of winter in Iceland - and the fun of dog sledding. The Greenland dogs are friendly and strong-willed animals, requiring plenty of exercise; a lazy life does not suit them

Sea kayaking in Iceland is the best way to enjoy spectacular scenery and amazing wildlife. During the summer months you can enjoy a sunset paddle around Reykjavik Harbour, a day's paddle around the West Fjords or a week long journey around the extensive fjords and bays of west Iceland. Get up close and personal to seals and puffins and many other species of birds. Tours cater for all levels of experience and an on-water guide will inform you of many interesting facts about the area you are exploring.

Available throughout the year, this new tour takes you to unique sights of Iceland's most renowned and undiscovered lava tubes and caves. We enter incredible caves decorated with endless lava formations. This beautiful, natural phenomenon is created when the molten lava mixed with oxides creates these colorful ropes. You will see other natural stalactites and rock formations. Truly an incredible experience. We will squeeze through narrow cave entrances and find they reveal stalactites, interesting rock formations, ropes, and heaps of boulders thrown about by constant ice formations. The caves become wide and high and in many places, the floor is quite even. However, the trip can be very arduous.
Respect for nature and safety are our main concerns. There are NO handrails, lights or any pre-installed structures in or around the caves. We rely totally on the equipment we carry and that people respect our guidelines. This tour is suitable for all who can walk on coarse surfaces.

Ice-climbing is getting more and more popular as a sport in Iceland as conditions are quite good most of the year. Most tempting is climbing frozen waterfalls during fall and winter time, technical details can be worked out all year round in ice walls of the glacier tongues. In the winter the operations are centred on the areas around Reykjavík. Easy ice-climbing initiation can be made during the Sólheimajökull day tour, but for those wanting more action we can organise several options just near the city; the Hvalfjörđur area is only a short drive away, offering great ice routes and waterfalls in the right conditions.
Ice-hiking is available as a day trip from Reykjavik all year round or from Skaftafell during the summer months. The Skaftafell base camp is situated in the National Park of Skaftafell, located in southeast Iceland, at the foot of the enormous

4WD Super Jeeps
The Icelandic Super Jeep can negotiate any terrain, whether it's driving across the top of a glacier, crossing a flooded glacial river or traversing a snowy mountain pass. These specially modified vehicles are equipped with 38 to 44 inch monster tyres and state of the art electronic equipment allowing you to venture into the Icelandic wilderness during any season. Professional guides will take you where you want to go or you can join an exciting super jeep tour any time of the year. For the real adventurous there are some super jeeps available for hire enabling you to be your own tour guide.

Outdoor festivals

Ţjóđhátíđ í Vestmannaeyjum (National festival in Vestmannaeyjar)
Is one of the biggest event over the first weekend in august. The first weekend in august is when most of working people have a day off on Monday. Ţjóđhátíđ begins on Thursday and ends on Monday. All these days are the most popular bands in Iceland playing. On the Thursday there is that dance called húkkaraball. And then on Friday and Saturday nights the are outdoor dances. On the Sunday night everybody gather around in the hillside and sing together, popular Icelandic songs. Than on Monday everybody goes home with a big hangover.
Goslokahátíđ í Vestmannaeyjum (End of volcano eruption festival in Vestmannaeyjar)
Thats when the locals are celebrating the end og the volcanic eruption in the 70's. Goslokahátíđin is over the first weekend in July.
Hafnardagar í Ţorlákshöfn (Harbor days in Ţorlákshöfn)
Is over the second weekend in August. Then people gather around on the harbor to drink and dance and have fun. And in the town itselv there are more events that people can enjoy.
Blómstrandi dagar í Hveragerđi (Blooming days in Hveragerđi)
Hveragerđi is often called The blooming town. Probably nowhere in Iceland you can find as many greenhouses than in Hveragerđi. Blómstrandi dagar is over the third weekend in August. Then there are events for children and grownups during the day and in the night there is a dance.

Menningarnótt í Reykjavík (Culture festival in Reykjavík)
Menningarnótt is the third weekend in August. Then there are enough of cultural events for everybody. There is something going on everywhere. And in the night there is music everywhere and you can´t move bacause of all the people in the midtown. And this goes on untill morning.
Ljósanótt í Reykjanesbć (Lightsnight in Reykjanesbćr)
Ljósanótt is over the first weekend in September. During the day there are some events for the family and in the night there is a dance. Fćreyskir dagar í Ólafsvík(Faroese days in Ólafsvík)
Fćreyskir dagar is over the last weekend in june. People have an oppurtunity to get Faroese culture and Faroese food. Also you can see and hear Faroese dancers and music.
That's over the last weekend in July. There is a special festival for each neighborhood, and the neigborhoods compete which neigborhood has the coolest festival. On Saturday evening there is a big dance.

Danskir dagar í Stykkishólmi(Danish days in Stykkishólmur)
That's over the third weekend in august. That is very similar to Faroese days in Ólafsvík just in Danish.
Kántrýhátíđ á Skagaströnd (Country festival in Skagaströnd)
This festival is in the first weekend in August every year. The name of the festival probably tells us what the festival is about. It's just a country theme and something.
Ein međ öllu á Akureyri(One with everything in Akureyri)
That's in the first weekend in August also as many festivals in the summertime here in Iceland. Than people, mostly teenagers gather around go to dances, drink and have sex.That's also where the most people go on the first weekend in august.
Síldarćvintýri á Siglufirđi (Herring adventure in Siglufjörđur)
That's also over the first weekend in August. People can see how it was in the old days, when people ate herring. And there is a herring museum and something and then is a dance on Saturday evening.
Neistaflug á Neskaupsstađ(Sparkfly in Neskaupsstađur)
Is over the first weekend in August. Everybody comes and camp there and there are many groups coming ther and just like One with everybody in Akureyri everybody go to dances, drink and have sex.
Humarhátíđ á Höfn í Hornafirđi(Lopster festival in Höfn í Hornafirđi)
That's over the first weekend in July. Than people can eat lopster go to dances and there is many events all over the town.

Töđugjöld á Hellu(Harvest festival in Hella)
That's over the third weekend in August. There is an outdoor market during the day. People sleeps in tents. Both Friday and Saturday evening there are dances. And lot of people are drinking and having fun all weekend.

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