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. : Bad Füssing
Group Members:
: Helga Saemundsdóttir
: Daniela Titze
: Elísabeth Lind Ingólfsdóttir
: Stephanie Vogel
: Svava Ragnarsdóttir
: Eva Gebel
. : Bad Füssing: report
The Trip to Bad Füssing
Departure from H.C.A. gymnasium was at 7:30, and with German accuracy we left ecsacly then.
We came to Bad Füssing at eleven o´clock. When we came there we met a nice woman, she gave us much information about Bad Füssing - How the water was found, what happend to it in the second world war and who decided to open it for the puplic. She showed us some pictures from the old days and then we saw a video about some possibilitis in all spas in Germany.
It is suppose to be very healthy and healing to be in this water. In the old days there was a story about this place, who said that if you went in the water you could get younger. She also told us that we should´t stay in the pools for more than 20 minutes, because we would get a little dizzy if we would stay longer.
After that we had some freetime to eat our picnic and see this good village. Then we went swimming! That was a lot of fun ecsept few weird things that we are not used to in Iceland. Like when we changed our clothes and the men were also in the same room!! Ofcoures we went to a closet to take of our clothes but it was really weird! There were also very few showers so we thougt that maybe in German it´s not usual to take a shower before you go swimming!
In Bad Füssing the main part of the people were much older than we are, we were almost the only people younger than 50! As an ecsample, you couldnt jump in to the pools! That was forbitten. There were no slides, but there was a place where the water went into circles and we with it. It was kind of an exercise for old people, and when we were trying to have fun, the guards and the old people weren´t happy with us!
This was a pretty big place, many pools, cold and hot, some of them bubbled and some not.
After many circles and comfetable lying in the water we took a shower and got dressed.
After that we went to a supermarket and some of us bought something to eat, and then we walked to our bus and drove back to Sulzbach-Rosenberg.

Elísabeth, Helga and Svava

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